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Learn Swimming In Singapore

How To Learn Swimming?

how to learn swimming

The best way to learn swimming is to go into the water and learn from a qualified instructor.

Whether in group or private, at the comfort of your own condo or at public swimming, swimming is a learnable skill.

Singapore is surrounded by water, so it is an essential lifelong skill.


In Singapore, all men that are eligible to serve the army MUST learn how to swim. So do you preferred to learn now at your preferred pace or during your NS time?

In addition, there are many cases of children drowning in the sea and private condo pools. Don't think it would never happend to your loved ones, start to enrol them immediately!


Don't Procastrinate, Learn How To Swim Now!


Our Swimming Classes Are Only Conducted By Certified Swimming Instructors Who Are:


Certified by Singapore Sport Council.


Patient and are experienced to work with people of all ages and abilities, from complete beginners through to competitive swimmers.


Committed to and enthusiastic about swimming. By participating in our swimming classes, you would be albe to master any types of swimming strokes.


Able to communicate and has good interpersonal skills to handle and interact with students during the swimming lessons.


Able to motivate and inspire the students to excel and perform.


Hurry, Join The Fun In The Water Today!

Choose The Type Of Class That Suits You

children swimming lesson

Children Swimming Classes

Why not let your children have a headstart in swimming?
We have group swimming lesson and private swimming lesson conducting for children in public pools as well as private pools.


adult swimming lesson

Adult Swimming Classes

It is never too late to learn swimming. Our instructors are patient and experience to coach all ages. We also have specific programs to cater for all different age groups.

lady swimming lesson
Lady Swimming Classes

Ladies! You are not left out. If you are shy to join the mixed classes or coached by male instrucors, we have experienced lady swimming instructors that can guide you along the way.